Wonder Dome is a cross-university research project between Arizona State University and The Ohio State

University that linked multiple academic disciplines (theatre, film, gaming, art, science, technology, engineering) to industry. To date Wonder Dome has raised over $44,000.00 in cash funding and over $250,000 in in-kind donations from industry corporate sponsors, involved professionals, graduate students and under-graduate students across the artistic disciplines and had a production premiere at the professional SPARK! Festival of Creativity at The Mesa Arts Center in March, 2014. Please visit our partners page to view a complete list of established partners.


  • Connect multiple Universities together in order to share resources and information, while fostering collaboration.
  • Connect industry to university.
  • Create and sell software plug-ins and hardware to Vortex Immersion Media for use in their real-time, drag and drop dome warping and edge blending software.
  • Engage communities in live performances and foster participation in the creative process at a local level.
  • Create a curriculum and design residency workshops to make available to universities worldwide. During residencies, students will develop their own, original new work for Wonder Dome and extend our reach and type of productions that can be brought to market.
  • Train future artists and technicians.
  • Provide a low-cost R&D alternative to industry to allow for testing of new products and innovative approaches to production, that would be too costly or time consuming to develop in professional applications.
  • Foster relationships for student internships/employment.

Humans tell stories. How we tell them changes.