Loop 2,4,3: Time-Machine_music


Wonder Dome is collaborating with the percussion ensemble Loop 2,4,3 to create a musical experience which explores the additional possibilities an experiential dome offers in the improvisations between generative art that reacts in real time, the musicians and the audience.


Loop 2.4.3 has built a career through blending influences and transcending the expectations and limitations of traditional genre labels. Praised for their "intricate, energetic performances," (New York Times) and their "taut compositions with a stunning improvisational sense," (Time Out Chicago) virtuosic percussionists and composers Thomas Kozumplik and Lorne Watson create evocative narratives permeated by deep humanity, sensitivity, and inspiring imagination. Their "transportive percussion odysseys" (the Boston Phoenix) journey through grounded primal energy to cosmic atmospheric reaches in "dramatic, layered, colorful, and brilliantly constructed" (First Coast News.com) compositions, presented in performance at the highest virtuosic level. Most often compared to the music of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Harry Partch, the music of Loop 2.4.3 resonates with flavors of jazz, rock and roll, and contemporary classical chamber music yet defies those traditional categorizations. "Kozumplik and Watson never sound like makers of arbitrary music ... lt all sounds like part of a well-thought-out tradition. Only the tradition has never existed until now." (NPR)

Humans tell stories. How we tell them changes.