REAL-TIME EXPERIENTIAL MEDIA SYSTEM (sound, lights, projections, sensors, cameras, etc.)


Wonder Dome’s media system is defined as the projection, lighting, sound and sensing systems, which combined create a flexible, real-time feedback loop environment were performers and audience members interact with the system.




  • Allow input from the environment, audiences, users and performers to dynamically interact with the system.
  • Use the responsive system to create meaning making within the narrative to deepen audience understanding and engagement.
  • Explore new modes of narrative within experiential, immersive environments.
  • Create an intelligent system where everything can talk to everything via OSC.
  • Create custom software patches in Touch Designer and MAX.
  • Track visual elements’ location on the dome and send that X,Y data to Sound, to simultaneously  track audio around the dome surround system to automatically and dynamically follow the movement of the visuals in real time.
  • Animate visuals in real time.
  • Track visual's XY coordinates and transmit the XY coordinates to Sound in order to follow visual animations around the dome within the surround sound system.
  • Match projection and LED lighting instruments color values.
  • Create a dynamic playback system that can easily switch between prerecorded cues and live, interactive moments.
  • Simplify the operation of a complex system for the minimum amount of crew to run and operate for touring.

Humans tell stories. How we tell them changes.